With a solid R&D team, Areca designs their own custom ASIC, a high-speed IDE controller, and RAID 6 engine on their controller to achieve high data throughput and availability.Areca’s products provide storage products for virtually all areas of the storage market including DAS, NAS, and SAN.

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Areca Technology Corporation established in 1999, was founded by a group of engineers primarily from the most distinguished technology institute in Taiwan.

Our engineer’s team has over 20 years of disk array relative firmware/BIOS, software application, device drivers and ASIC technology.

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ARC-8050 is the most complete 6Gb/s SAS 8-bay Thunderbolt box with RAID control capabilities solution.

Thunderbolt host interfaces makes ARC-8050 RAID well suited for SOHO group professionals who work at home or in the office.