try the following step, assuming you already have a previous avira VDF files, extra files IVDF then copy all the files and then paste the file to a previous VDF file. i have downloaded the file, but whenever i update it manually the update screen is coming but the update process is not running there is the showing following message while module downloadded AVSCLPR.

However, as with any other antivirus software, avira antivirus should also be kept up-to-date with their latest virus definition files (VDF), to ensure the best virus protection against continually evolving threats in the form of new viruses and malware.

The avira anti Vir products provide professional virus and malware protection through virus definition files (VDF), which is updated several times a day.

If, for some reason, automatic updates are not possible, as in the case of computers with no internet access or due to some other problem, you can manually download the latest virus definition file (VDF) from avira servers, to a PC with internet access.

May help a new installation with the latest version?

– Find out how to download avira update (VDF) and manually update the antivirus software.

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