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NAFAPAL-Neftekhimproduct, is engaged in reception, storage, record-keeping and dispatching of hydrocarbon materials (gas condensate), as well as at reception and loading/ unloading railway cars, warehousing, record-keeping andmaintenance servicing and furnishing by means of its own by-the-railroad industrial base, located within the Western industrial zone of the Purovsky district (15 km from the city of Novy Urengoy) and occupying an area of 14 hectares; with an immediate proximity to:3) license areas, developed by CJSC ROSPAN International (directly within the boundaries of the Novourengoy gas condensate field) and OJSC Arktikgaz (distanced at 5 km from the boundaries of the Yevo-Yakhinsky gas condensate field).3) full-blown two-way loading/unloading racks for 10 tank-wagons, ensuring discharge of petroleum products and protective agents, delivered to the tank farm by railway transport, as well as filling tank wagons with gas condensate;8) storage complex, including: four by-the-railroad inside depots for multi-level shelf and on-the-floor storage (heated and unheated class B spaces with the total area exceeding 3,5 thousand sq.

m.); elevated hard-coated platforms for storage of packaged bulk materials and open yards for stacking of pipes, slabs, various reinforced concrete structures and containers; auxiliary facilities, with more than 300 rack-mount metal shelves for an open-air stacking of pipes, structural steel and rolled metal products among them;13) as well as other industrial facilities, on the basis of which NAFAPAL-Neftekhimproduct Company is carrying out its activities of reception, storage, recording and dispatch of hydrocarbon materials, as well as loading-unloading, store-handling, recording and delivery of various equipment and materials, their operating and maintenance servicing and furnishing.- License, issued by the State Committee for Construction of Russian Federation for construction of installations and facilities under I and II levels of responsibility № GS-1-50-02-27-0-7736209597-017523-1 dated April 24, 2003.

The activities of the storage and supply facilities are maintained by the coached and licensed personnel with the working experience of five years and above.Professionally trained staff (at present the staff of the Novy Urengoy affiliation comprises 55 workers) with a brisk and balanced, round-the-clock working schedule ensures successful solution of the objectives assigned to our Company.Vast available spaces of the facility (its warehouses and open storage yards) together with its technical equipment and advantageous, with regard to logistics, location of its territory provide for the application of our facility as both back-up and main industrial.All prices of cargoes’ handling are fixed at flat rates, deduced from the weight of the cargo instead of its value, and are drawn with regard to the complete package of the rendered services (storage costs included).In the event of your interest hereto, experts of our Company shall furnish to you detailed calculations along the lines of activity that are of interest to you.I have a nephew and younger cousin who are going to high school next year. If people don’t like you they obviously have a problem.