Dutch women are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world by many.

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Guys who have no game should check out one of the many online courses for improving their ability to seduce Dutch women.

Having watched roughly 25 hours of these courses online, I can tell you they aren’t espousing to use a bunch of cheesy lines.

They are full of quality advice that helps you identify the necessary personal skills and how to hone over time.

To reference The God Complex, a book about a teacher in Prague, there is a phenomenon called the foreign language effect.

When you flirt with someone whose native language isn’t English, it becomes easier to get to know the person.

So, I don’t see why anyone would fly halfway around the world to simply go to a brothel in Amsterdam when there are so many beautiful Dutch women in the bars and cafes who are interested in meeting a foreign guy and having fun.

There are only two reasons for a man to use the services of an Amsterdam brothel – 1) he has no game and is dying to sleep with a Dutch woman, 2) he’s married, which means he doesn’t have time to flirt or desire to invite a stalker into his life.

Some of us dream of seducing more than one woman at a time, or conquering hundreds of these beautiful women. Whether we hope to marry a beautiful woman, or simply spend time in the company of a beautiful Dutch woman, men will go to great lengths to make it happen.

I’ve known men who have flown to Holland to meet a few Dutch women for online dating, in the hopes of falling in love and getting married.

I’ve also known other men who have flown to Amsterdam simply to check out the brothels.

The Amsterdam brothel scene is not for me, but who am I to judge. Not only is it dangerous (risk of STDs), but it also eliminates half of the fun.