As far as I can tell from my research, that serial was never used on a "Made In Japan" Fender.((edited "ever" to "never.)))Fender Japan started reusing alpha numeric sequences for some reason.

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, KOREA and INDONESIA,its as easy as that,he does all the guess work for you,he is very helpful to newbie's to vets,he's got it all(or does he? Fender Japan instruments have been made by 3 different contractors since 1984 which might be part of the reason this happened and also is for sure why CIJ/MIJ instruments are so hard to date.

) Yeah, He'll help ya The guitar dater project is generally a great place to put in the serial number and get a date it was manufactured, however, the one you provided didn't bring up anything. 30916) '89 Power Jazz Bass Special-Bad Ass III, EMG P/J '99 Standard JBass-Gotoh 201, EMG J's , Schaller BM Light Tuner'07 VM '70s Jazz Bass-Bad Ass IIProject PBass-EMG PX, Schaller BM Light Tuner VT Bass Hartke TA5000 w/XL Cabs(210, 410, 115)HI guys. However the MADE IN JAPAN and CRAFTED IN JAPAN may make a difference when dating them by serial.

Fender Japan started reusing alpha numeric sequences for some reason.

Japanese serials have always been somewhat inexact, more inexact than even USA or MIM ones.

This reuse of sequences will make dating by serials nearly impossible and in 20 or 30 more years there will be a huge mess.

If you bought it brand new in 2012 it is probably 2009 or up.

I bought a brand new CIJ Fender bass one time that was already 3 years old by the time I got it.

It was brand new in the box and I was the first one to take it out.

I think that if your instrument has a "CRAFTED IN JAPAN" decal on the back of the neck just above the body joint that the R084502 serial would have been from 2004 or 2005.