Sorry for the fairly vague update post guys, but with a lot to cover, I risk boring the life out of many and probably causing more confusion than good.But I hope I've pointed a lot of you in the right direction to where you can find the information you need to update your HUDs.

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For an easy overview of the changes we recommend looking at the diff report from Tewgon for the HUD files that were changed or removed. There's a lot of HUD files to go through here, so take the time to read and understand what needs doing to fix any issues you may be experiencing.

This time around, check out this diff report from Tewgon for in-depth file changes.

Right, let's first dive into the files: The "ui_version" number value is matched up to the most recent Team Fortress 2 updates from here on out.

If the number inside of this file does not match the number set in an update, the custom HUD will refuse to load, and the default HUD will be used.

This workaround is to stop users crashing upon startup with custom HUDs until the custom HUD they are using has been updated properly.

You can download the file by right clicking here and saving it to the directory of your HUD.

Put this file into the same folder as the resource and scripts folders. Literally way too many to go through in one news post.

So, here's links to absolutely vital HUD files that need updating in order for your HUD to be totally safe and working for Meet Your Match.

resource/resource/resource/resource/ui/resource/ui/resource/ui/resource/ui/resource/ui/resource/ui/resource/ui/resource/ui/resource/ui/econ/scripts/hudanimations_Make sure your HUD reflects these changes.

Although they may not cause crashing, ignoring them could affect the usability of your HUD for other players, restricting them from being able to join games or use other features.

Also, Snowshoe has pointed out that Avatars, Player Names and Achievement Stats are no longer compatible with the Main Menu, and therefore should be removed from any Custom HUD that uses them.