I remember the incident very clearly because of the shock and because I had to relate it to my husband who was too ill to attend.

R guru and publicity chief for the WCG at that time.

The purpose of the exercise was to educate the field ministry in the "dark arts" of dealing with the press and media while presenting the WCG in the best possible light.

I remember that the technique Hulme chose to use to emphasise his point was that of role-playing, so he would ask the question and an unfortunate "lamb to the slaughter" volunteer would get to answer.

Best of the Letters from 2013 I Remember WCG's Moral Compromises and Politics: January 3, 2013 Hi, I was thinking the other day about something that happened in 1993 which I thought I would relate.

In 1993 my husband and I were on Ministerial Refresher in Pasadena.

My husband got sick and was confined to bed and so I had to attend some lectures without him.

I took careful notes so that he would not miss out on anything.

I remember the question which was not one that I believed would be in any way controversial and thought that the volunteer was getting off very lightly! " Now I doubt there was any in that audience who was surprised when the minister replied "The church considers that abortion is a sin and murder since life begins at conception." You could have "knocked me down with a feather" when I heard David Hulme say "No, that's not what we would say.

We would not want to condemn someone or make them feel bad.