A lot of guys limit themselves because they don't talk to enough women. If you see a sexy girl from Korea behind you at the supermarket queue - would you start a conversation?

In any case another mistake that guys make in Korea is to get lazy with learning the culture and language.

Worse still - they expect the local women to learn theirs!

So take the time to pick up some cultural and language insights.

I'm telling you it's one of the best investments you can make (aside from getting a one-on-one consultation with Pickupasia's trainers. ) ;-)That being said - what is the worst thing guys do when wanting to date Korean ladies?

Dating Korean women with the hopes of a Korean marriage and wedding?

Korean women are different and only by demonstrating the correct traits can you be successful.

For something as everlasting as a marriage there are many challenges: She’ll put you through a lot of hoops but that’s because once you’re married – she’ll treat you with the respect and loyalty you deserve.

Live in the land of the morning calm and find Korean ladies gorgeous? In the West we hear that 'Asian women are "easy"' and believe it. It's another when Korean girls look so stunning and innocent..yet the roadblocks you face for a date are hard to spot. If things are difficult then that's normal..IF you have a good job and money to boot. For more reasons why hot Korean girls won't date expats - click on the link.

Whether it's summer or winter - they look good AND are looking for a good guy to date. We come to Korea only to find out that it's not the case. Note: Granted - Many single Korean girls Most expats who come to a new country know nothing about the language and culture. What if you bump into Korean woman you want to get to know…but the language barrier stops both of you in your tracks? You know that she acts differently but you're not quite sure why.

;-)After 5 years as a dating coach in Korea this is what I've found to be the biggest mistakes guys make for dating women from Korea. It's one thing if you expected the dating scene to be as tough as back home (if not more so). So expect the dating scene to be a challenge and you'll more likely do well with dating in Korea. This limits the amount of Korean women they can talk to or date.

She isn't as chatty as a woman back home or maybe she doesn't respond well to you wanting to shake her hand.