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You’ll occasionally have to deal with a scammer, but all you have to do to avoid being scammed is to keep your BS meter running.If a girl seems way too good to be true (super hot, all about making you happy, doesn’t care that you’re not nearly as good looking as her) then it is. Social Sex is not a scam site; in fact, there are so few scammers you’ll probably never run into them. They genuinely have millions of members and they bring in roughly 20,000 new ones every day.You might wonder and you wouldn’t be off base for asking.There are sites that exist only to take your money, scamming you in that they’re not at all what they seem to be since most profiles on them are bogus or dead.Thankfully the answer to because there is no such thing, at least with regards to scammy and fake profiles.They seed the search results with profiles that aren’t real, mostly to make the site seem a little better than it is to free members.