This may either say 'I would like to stroke you like this' or 'I would like you to stroke me like this'.

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Holding in the abdomen gives the impression of a firm tummy. Women show that they are healthy and that they are able to bear and feed the man's child.

The man shows he is virile, strong and able to protect the woman and her child.

Leaning your body towards another person says 'I would like to be closer to you'.

Romantic Body Language From afar | Up close | See also A significant cluster of body movements has to do with romance, signaling to a person of the opposite sex that you are interested in partnering with them.

From afar, the first task of body language is to signal interest (and then to watch for reciprocal body language). Initially and from a distance, a person may look at you for slightly longer than normal, then look away, then look back up at you, again for a longer period. What you are basically saying with this is 'I am making myself look good for you'.

This includes tossing of the head, brushing hair with hand, polishing spectacles and brushing clothes.

Remote romantic language may also include enactment of sexually stimulating activities, for example caressing oneself, for example stroking arms, leg or face.

For women this includes breasts, neck, bottom and legs.

For men it includes a muscular torso, arms or legs, and particularly the crotch (note that women seldom do this). Pressing together muscles gives the impression of higher muscle tone.

Pressing together and lifting breasts (sometimes helped with an appropriate brassiere) makes them look firmer and larger.

Holding out shoulders and arms makes the body look bigger.