She explained the conceit: 'I feel like a lot of the superhero shows are always about the superheroes.But what about the other people who are trying to live their lives while these superheroes are having these epic battles? 120lbs or 54.5kg 5’3″ or 160cm 34-24-34 34B Vanessa Hudgens is best known for her role in the High School Musical series, and the actress is beautiful, talented and has an amazing figure.

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Vanessa also kick boxes, and has said of boxing with her mother, “Having someone to go to classes with makes you want to do your best, not just for yourself but for the other person too.

My mom and I do cardio kickboxing classes together.

I love wearing my baseball hat, tilting my head down and pretending I’m taking people out.

Vanessa has admitted to being a chocolate junkie and that she allows herself chocolate whenever she likes.

She keeps her weight and figure by eating healthy and regularly exercising.

She isn’t a diet junkie but she keeps a healthy, balanced lifestyle.She’s young, only 21 and healthy eating coupled with regular exercise seems to be all that she needs for her body to fight fat so that she looks amazing.Vanessa Hudgens’ favorite exercises are Pilates and cardio workouts, including cycling.She keeps her exercise routine varied and balanced, going to the gym and working out four or five times a week for an hour.Exercising regularly helps her stay in shape, keep her weight maintained and to tone her muscles.Vanessa subscribes to the knowledge that exercising keeps the body in shape, helps it to stay strong and burn fat and that cardio is beneficial to the heart and lungs by raising heart rate and enhancing the lungs capacity.