“Can't wait to meet with the bestest wedding planner in the world today Mary Loghin - getting down to the details of things now!” Houska revealed, sharing that she and Cole are indeed planning on a dream wedding.

Who is chelsea houska dating video

And according to a new tweet, Chelsea Houska claims that the wedding is coming up sooner than you think.

“Nothing like seeing a wedding countdown to get you in the fricken ZONE for the gym. #Wedding Bod Panic Mode,” Chelsea revealed on Twitter, sharing that the wedding isn’t far away.

While she didn’t put a date on it, she did reveal that time is moving fast and that she needs to get in shape right now.

Plus, she’s also been planning her wedding with a wedding planner, and she’s excited about where things could go.

But it is very possible that they found another home for the family, where they can have their dream wedding.

And it sounds like the proposal is coming soon on the show, as they are starting to talk about weddings on Teen Mom. I love my sweet girl, and I'm so grateful for Cole,” Houska revealed on social media.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska planning her dream wedding?

She’s taking care of her daughter, possibly getting settled in her dream home and planning a wedding.

On Teen Mom, Chelsea has started looking for a new home with Cole De Boer.

The two are planning their future together, but they are facing some obstacles, as they lost one dream home to another couple.

But one thing that no one can take away from her is her dream wedding.